Tauranga Navy Cadets

Part of the Sea Cadets Corps / NZ Cadet Forces Family



We are a youth organisation based here in Tauranga Moana who are focused around providing leadership and personal development opportunities for teenagers between the ages of 13 to 18.

As part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF), we have access to and the support of New Zealand's oldest youth organisation.  Working together with the different arms within the New Zealand Cadet Forces we focus on creating a safe and exciting adventure-based experience designed to strengthen our cadets and prepare them to be the successful leaders of tomorrow. 

Although we are part of a larger whole, TS Chatham works closely with our cadets and their families to personalise the experience through specific growth opportunities and one-on-one support.  This is done by weekly sessions (known as "Parade" nights), weekend activities that hone in on key skills and a nationally coordinated training program which provides challenges and opportunities that no other organisation can.  

In a nutshell - we strive through our program to instil leadership and honourable values within you.  This is about your personal development towards becoming a self-disciplined, confident and responsible young New Zealander.  

Our goal is that you come out of this experience feeling stronger than ever, and are armed with the skills to master the trajectory of your life journey.

Are you up for the challenge?

TS Chatham

Tauranga Navy Cadets

Youth Leadership Program

Adventure-Based Learning with a Military Flavour

Ages 13 - 18

Wednesday Nights (during the school terms)