it takes a village

You've all heard the saying - it takes a village to raise a child.  The whole pa needs to be involved and the same applies with a TS Chatham cadet.  Different leaders, comrades, family units and organisations work together to tautoko you on this journey.   

Not only do we have access to the NZCF organisation and the SCC organisation as a Navy Cadet unit, we are surrounded by other NZCF units across the country.  

This gives our Cadets the ability to explore different locations, experiences, resources, concepts and skills.  It also gives our Officers a larger net from which to draw on for upskilling and specialized training. 

Lieutenant Emily Clarke, CF

Unit Commander

TS Chatham

Ens. Nathan Covacich 

Supporting Officers

TS Chatham

Sandra Steele

Support Staff

Piper Mejia

Duke of Edinburgh Support Staff

Unit Support Committee & Cadet Whanau 

Each Cadet Unit has a Parent Support Committee, which is a branch of our National Support organisation - Sea Cadet Association New Zealand (SCANZ). The role of our Support Committee and our Cadet Whanau is to work closely with the Unit Commander and other Unit Committees to coordinate resources and opportunities.

Parent Support Committees can be comprised of interested parents, caregivers, grandparents, ex-cadets, members of the local community and anyone else who has the interest of NZ Cadet Forces. 

Our Unit Parent Support Committee is responsible for: 

  -Liaising with the local community

  -Publicising the activities and achievements of the unit

  -Provide and administer funds for the maintenance and training requirements of the  unit 

  -Actively recruiting new cadets and officers 

  -Support and supervise local activities (when required)

Whanau and members of the Support Committee are not required to attend the Wednesday "Parade" nights or the Cadet events.  Their role is to bridge the gap for the Unit Commanders and Cadets.  

We believe that everyone's contribution, big or small, is of value and worthy of respect.  We celebrate the insight, skills and resources that our wider whanau add to make this a richer experience for our cadets.  Thank you!

Current Committee


Jasmine Stoneley


Rosie Crombie


Also in the TS Chatham Village: