DUke of Edinburgh program

Equipping all young New Zealanders for promising futures

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program - a key part of the TS Chatham experience!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is a global non-formal education framework, with more than 60 years of experience challenging rangatahi to dream big and discover their potential.

With the assistance of Piper Mejia, we are now offering this internationally recognised and respected program as part of the TS Chatham experience.  

Our cadets set their own challenge. With guidance from both Piper and Lt. Clarke, each young person is encouraged to examine themselves - their interests, their ambitions, and set challenges for our four Award sections; Voluntary Service, Physical Recreation, Skills and Adventurous Journey (along with Gold Residential – at Gold level only).

The exciting part is that a lot of the elements of this program is foundational elements to the TS Chatham Navy Cadets program so you achieve twice the rewards for the same experience.  



To our Cadet Whanau:  follow the steps below to register your child in The Duke of Edinburgh program.  If you have any questions, have a chat with Piper on Parade nights or send Jasmine an email - chairperson@tschatham.org.nz

Step 1:

The participant goes to www.onlinerecordbook.org  

Head to the Under Not Registered? section and  select Award Participant

Click Register

Step 2:

Select New Zealand from the Country dropdown list

Type in TS Chatham in the Select your Award Unit dropdown list

Select No for the Award Leader's email address? question

Click Continue

Step 3:

Follow the prompts to complete each portion of the application form.  

For those under the age of 18 there will be a step that requires parental consent by way of activation link sent to the parents email account.  Make sure to ask your parents to look out for that approval link.

Step 4:

When it comes to payment area, please select which payment method you will be using to pay the start-up fee.

If under 18 then when the parent gives their consent, it will prompt them to complete your application process by making payment via PayPal (or via the other payment methods selected).  If the parent does not pay at this point, next time the participant tries to log in they will get a message saying Payment Not Complete. They can then click on Pay Now which will take them back to the PayPal page

Step 5:

Click Submit Application 

You will be sent a link via your chosen email address to download the DoE Online Record Book app, so you can keep track of your progress in the program.  This email also includes an activation link to activate your login.

Once the Payment and Parental Consent has been completed, your application will be sent to Piper here at TS Chatham to link you in and you are good to go!