Unit Support

Good evening parents, caregivers, and supporters of TS Chatham.

As previously shared T S Chatham Unit Support Committee holds its Annual General Meeting on Weds 24th March 6:30pm in the Wardroom at T S Chatham.

The AGM is a great opportunity to meet the Unit team, get up to speed with what is happening at T S Chatham and input into some of our key decisions including fees, activities, and fundraising goals.

Each AGM we accept nominations to fill the positions of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. These volunteer roles are essential to support the Unit Commander and Cadets.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send your nomination to secretary@tschatham.org.nz before the AGM. The attached document outlines each of the positions available and roles will be filled by vote during the AGM.

We’d love to see all parents and caregivers at the AGM - and don’t worry you won’t be volunteered for anything unless you want to!

Look forward to meeting you on the 24th!

Office Holder Position Descriptions

Cadet activities at T S Chatham is made possible by the ongoing support of the Unit, parents, families and the local community. The Unit Support Committee meets monthly to assist the Unit in providing opportunities for the Cadets.

All supporters of the Unit welcome to attend.

Each Cadet Unit has a Parent Support Committee which is a branch of the National Support organisations Sea Cadet Association New Zealand (SCANZ) This is the community part of the partnership with the Government through the New Zealand Defence Force.

Parent Support Committees are comprised of interested parents, caregivers, grandparents, ex-cadets, members of the local community and anyone else who has the interest of NZ Cadet Forces.

Your Unit Parent Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Liaising with the local community and publicising the activities and achievements of the unit.

  • Provide and administer funds for the maintenance and training requirements of the unit.

  • Actively recruiting new cadets and officers.

  • Support and supervise local activities when required.

Parent Support Committees meet whenever there is a requirement to make decisions and plans on providing support for the unit, usually once a month. Meetings follow the normal meeting format and are generally relaxed. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

Members of the Committee are not required to attend weekly parade nights, their role is to provide the support which is not provided by NZ Cadet Forces or the Unit Officers.

Email: Unitsupport@tschatham.org.nz


Andrew Read

Email: Chairperson@tschatham.org.nz


Matthew Bedford

Email: Treasurer@tschatham.org.nz


Mark Ward

Email: Secretary@tschatham.org.nz